WL Logo Triangle

Walled Lake Missionary Church is the story of ordinary people believing church is bigger than the four walls of a building. We believe that all of life, not just Sundays, is better with Jesus. Our direction is clear. We want to BE the church. While we don’t have all the answers, we are committed to helping each other grow and multiply in these relationships modeled by Jesus so we can walk as Jesus walked (John 2:6)

We want to share Jesus’ message of hope and demonstrate His love as we make disciples who…

Look UP

  • Regardless of what you’ve been told or led to believe, God is FOR you. He longs for you to know Him and live your life in response to who He is. We’re learning what it means to look UP to God for strength and perspective on a daily basis.

Lean IN

  • Following Jesus is not a journey we are supposed to endure alone. Let’s be honest, in our culture today, following Jesus is not a popular thing. We need other Christ-followers to lean IN and help us look UP and Live OUT.

Live OUT

  • The church (followers of Jesus) have a clear calling to make a difference in the world as we live OUT our faith with love. We believe this is best done by taking a genuine interest in people’s lives, being their friend, serving them however we can, and by having gospel-centered conversations when appropriate.


  • Each triangle in our logo represents an individual disciple who has surrendered to Jesus as Lord and living as He lived.
  • Disciples are called to makes disciples, and as reflected by the blending together of the various triangles, this process is not clearly defined, but emerges over time.
  • Likewise, each triangle represents a church of gathered believers.
  • We should be a church that seeks to plant and support other churches.
  • Our commitment to a process of making disciples and planting churches is rooted in our partnership with the Missionary Church denomination. The denominational logo is represented in the middle of the triangles.
  • The whole gospel requires we rethink what it means to invite appropriately and invest personally.