Families: Parents, Kids, Teens

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Behind those beautiful family pictures, we know there are days of joy mixed in with the struggles and stresses of raising a family. We want to be a church that helps your family thrive and not just simply survive. Whether you are a married couple or a single parent,  we know Jesus is the key for you and your kids to making the most of this life!

With research showing the nearly 80% of kids and teens who grow up involved in church activities are leaving the church after the graduate high school, we thought it’d be a good idea to think long and hard about how we minister to the family unit.

  • Based on the teachings found in Scripture, specifically in Deuteronomy 6 and Ephesians, we believe the parents, not the church ministries, are the PRIMARY spiritual influence (one way or the other) for kids or teens.
  • The typical approach churches take when it comes to ministering to the family is centered around the separation of the family. Kids go where kids go. Teens go where teens go. Parents go where parents go. While it’s good to allow for each age group within a family to relate to others in the same age group, we must ultimately ensure that parents and the church work together to teach their kids and teens about Jesus and what it means to follow Him.
  • With this in mind, our church is working to transition our ministry approach for families on equipping and empowering the family unit to let faith conversations be the central part of how they live and interact both as a family and with other families in their everyday contexts.


  mclogo    The Missional Community is a weekly family-oriented event that’s designed          to encourage and equip families for seeing their faith conversations go beyond         the walls of a building.  Click HERE for more info.




Walled Lake Students (6th-12th) are a part of our Sunday STUDENTSworship service and then meet  after the service in a Life Group. For more info about our student ministry click HERE.

They also meet throughout the month in their own group where they are learning how to live out their faith on daily basis.



WL Kids
Our Walled Lake Kids meet during the teaching time of our Sunday worship service each Sunday morning. Click HERE for more info about this Sunday Kids Ministry.

We also incorporate our kids into missional community meetings.