God Cares


Perhaps someone gave you the card above or maybe you just stumbled across this page on our website… Either way, our hope is that you’ll be reminded that God is for you and not against you regardless of what you’ve done or what you’re going through.

We realize the idea of “God” can bring all up kinds of memories or thoughts for people based on what they’ve previously experienced. While no human or church can perfectly represent the true God of the Bible, some of the things done in the name of “God” or “Jesus” have only added to the confusion and frustration that people have toward God. All of that to say, we, as a church, understand that everyone is at a different place in their spiritual journey.

We are not a perfect church, but we’re trying to cut through much of the “religion” that has left so many people frustrated. Our hope is to show you Jesus and how we are trying to follow Him. We hope the video below will be an encouragement to you, but additionally, feel free to listen to any of our audio teachings, join us on a Sunday morning, or contact us with any questions, comments, or prayer requests you may have.

You can find more videos on the Jesus page underneath the About Us tab.