Holy Week

Check out this awesome Holy Week image here to see a timeline of events from that week.

Holy Week refers to the time between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. So much changed in that time. Palm Sunday was a joyous parade, bringing in the new King. The shouts of “Hosanna!” would soon die out, however. The events of the week culminated on Thursday night. Jesus washed his disciples feet, demonstrating true servant hood. Within hours Jesus was on trial. By Friday morning he had been condemned to die by roman crucifixion. Even as Jesus was hanging from the cross, he was loving those around him, changing forever the life of the thief on the cross next to him. Jesus died Friday afternoon. He was placed in a tomb and a giant rock was rolled in front of it to keep the body from being stolen.

Earth’s saddest day and Earth’s gladdest day were just three days apart, for Sunday morning everyone learned that not even giant rocks, not even death itself can stop the Lord Almighty. Jesus was risen from death, holding the keys to death and the grave.