PHASE 1: Individually
We want every disciple of Jesus to be equipped and empowered to make a positive impact on people for the Kingdom as they live, work, and play.¬†We believe each person has a story worth sharing, but there’s a way we must learn to earn the right to share our story. Our approach is to equip people to seek out authentic friendships with people, discover stories using good listening skills, and share your faith journey in a way that’s led by the Holy Spirit and not forced.

We are currently in the process of developing and implementing PHASE 1.

PHASE 2: Together in communities and as a church
We want to see groups of people come together around a specific missional context such as a neighborhood, niche, or a network of relationships. These people will then find a rhythm of praying over and investing into that context as naturally as possible.

Additionally, we plan to form intentional partnerships with area organizations/business to better improve our community which will involve our entire church.

The videos help visually communicate our vision for reaching out.